Football Program

The Client

A varsity, junior varsity, and modified football program looking for an effective fundraiser in addition to creating a new line of custom team gear.


saink photoball case study one - Football Program

The Challenge

This football program needed to raise money quickly and easily to help purchase new equipment and help to cover the costs of food/snacks during practices and travel. Without raising the necessary funds the coaching staff was concerned that the team would not be properly prepared for the season.


The Solution

SA INK created a simple apparel fundraising program that yielded amazing results. The players took orders both in-person and online over a two week period. SA INK then verified the entire order and delivered the product with 10 days.

Player engagement was extremely high! It was easy for them to sell the apparel to family and friends because the quality was great. SA INK also provided color order forms with the teams’ logos, so customers knew exactly what they were buying.

This football program raised $14,000 and sold 600+ items with just 60 players. According to the coaches: “This was one of the easiest fundraisers we ran all season. Kids enjoyed participating in the sale because of the high quality order forms they were able to show customers. The quality of the apparel was fantastic. The SA INK team really understands the importance of fundraising and they are very accommodating to our needs every step of the way.”